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About Our Services

We provide everything that your pet needs, although we prefer if you bring your own food so that your pet will not have any digestive problems (like diarrhea) from a sudden change in diet.  Special needs are no problem including a diet need, medication or treatment program.   If your dog has a medical condition and requires medication, we can administer that as well including insulin shots.  We also know how to cater to  elderly dogs with geriatric care if needed.

We  sweep and mop the room everyday, give fresh food and water everyday, poopy scoop and hose out the outside run everyday.

You are allowed to bring toys, blankets, beds, etc.  If they start to tear them up or soil them, we will remove the items from the room and return them to you at the end of your dog's vacation.  All dogs must be petable and friendly to men, women and children.  WE DO NOT KEEP AGRESSIVE DOGS.  We do not keep DESTRUCTIVE dogs.  All dogs will be able to go in and out through their doggie flaps to their own outside fenced area where there is chain link fencing between them and the other boarding vacationers :)  They must be friendly to their neighbors as well.


Extra Services

Play Days (20 mins)- $15

 We do NOT mingle other people's dogs together.  Play time is a one on one, your dog and me. (if you have multiple dogs, and want them to be in playday together, we can do that as well, no additional charge for multiple) 


Bathing- $15.00 for small dog short hair  

             -$25.00 for small dog long hair 

             -$20.00 for large dogs (over 60 pounds) short hair                           -$35.00 for large dog long hair


In-room 10 Min Massage- $15.00


Ear Cleaning - $10.00


Spa Days
We offer a SPA day, which includes a bath (including conditioner), a masssage, ears cleaned, a brush, and a special treat. 

           - $40.00 for small dog short hair

           - $50.00 for small dog long hair

           - $45.00 for large dogs (over 60 pounds) short hair

           - $55.00 for large dogs long hair

** We do not offer hair cuts**

Medication/ Treatment- $4.00/ each time medication is     



Separating a family to eat- $4.00/ feeding 

Suites and Pricing

A suite is an indoor air conditioned or heated room 9x9, 8x6, or 5x5,with clear doggie flaps to their own, personal outside fenced area.  We sweep, mop and clean the room everyday.  We scoop and clean the outside run everyday.  


We charge $30.00 per day for each dog, or 2 for $55.00. IF they can stay together. If you have 2 or more staying together, and they need to be separated during feed time, that is an extra charge of $4.00 each time they need to be separated. If your dog needs medications or any kind of medical treatment, that is an additional charge of $4.00 for each time it is needed.  We post a video every morning of your dog on Heiman Ranch Dog Boarding facebook page so you are able to see them from any location in the world. Click the icon to view our facebook page.

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Vaccination Requirements and Policies

****WE REQUIRE**** a current vaccination record which should include Rabies vaccination, annual booster and Bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine.



1. All dogs must be on a SECURE leash when you arrive until they are in their reserved room and leash your dog IN THE ROOM before leaving. DO NOT let your dog run free outside or inside our office space or halls.

2. Please do not block main/center of the driveway. Please park along the side in a parking space.

3. If you want to walk your dog on a leash to relieve themselves, PLEASE USE DESIGNATED CORRAL (inslide fenced space by the white kennel building).  This keeps our ranch CLEAN.

4. You may NOT "break and enter" to get your dog when we are closed, even during lunch time.  WE WILL PROSECUTE.  We do have cameras.

5. All customers must pay for their entire boarding reservation in advance.  All reservations must be paid for in advance.  If you need to cancel your entire reservation or some of the days of your reservation, you must give a fourteen (14) day notice for a refund of any days.  If you do not give a fourteen (14) day notice,  you WILL NOT get a refund.  There is also a $35.00 cancellation fee that will be charged. You must give 14 days notice to transfer your reservation  to another time. There is a $35.00 transfer fee. This cancellation fee will be taken from the refund amount. This gives us a chance to fill  void reservations, you get a refund and we get a paycheck. :)

6. We accept cash or check.  No credit or debit cards.

7. All dogs must have current vaccinations to stay and it is the sole responsibility of the owner to bring updated shot records, otherwise, your pet will be vaccinated at owner's expense.

8. Any calls, texts, or messages will be returned during BUSINESS HOURS.

9. We do not have after hours drop offs or pickups.  We close promptly at closing time, and open promptly at opening time.

10. Reservations are required for drop off, pickup, and TOURS.

11. Appointment time is required for a TOUR.

12. We APPRECIATE those who are respectful of their appointment time for drop off and pickup.

13. If you are unable to make your appointment, PLEASE give a courtesy call or text :) We will be happy to reschedule.

14. if you or your children wish to see barnyard animals, PLEASE request permission from the kennel office.


16. All dogs must be petable, friendly to men, women, and children and NON DESTRUCTIVE. All dogs must be friendly to neighbor dogs (even though there is fencing that separates the dogs). 

17.  All children MUST stay with their guardian AT ALL TIMES.

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